How to defeat the new Strike bosses in ‘Destiny: The Taken King’

How to defeat the new Strike bosses in ‘Destiny: The Taken King’

You've climbed to Destiny: The Taken King's new level maximum of 40 and you're looking to power up. Strikes are the way to go, but they're no cakewalk. Especially the four new ones.

The Taken King's four new co-op challenges cover a variety of settings and enemies, but they all end in the same way: a knockdown brawl against some towering boss or another. Each one has a special trick, too. Something you'll need to learn if you want to succeed.

A glossary to help you understand what the hell 'Destiny' fans are talking about

There's a lot to be said for puzzling through things on your own, but for those that want a little extra assistance, read on for videos and rundowns of the four new boss fights and the talents you'll have to master in order to succeed.

Fallen S.A.B.E.R.

It's a giant Shank boss. Long thought to be a joke, 'Fallen S.A.B.E.R.' actually pits you against a giant-sized version of one of Destiny's weakest enemies. And hey, look at that: it's a fun fight.

There's no real trick to taking this boss down. Just keep pouring on the damage. Beware of the pit that opens in the middle of the room and the arcing bolts of electricity that ring the arena, but your best strategy is to just keep pouring on the punishment until this boss goes bye-bye.

Shield Brothers

This is one of Destiny's more unusual boss fights. You're actually fighting to take down two Cabal powerhouses.

One of them excels with his fists. He's got a jet-powered pack that he uses to rocket himself into your face, where he then proceeds to pound you to mush. The other one is armed with an artillery cannon, so he just rains blasts down on you from afar while protecting himself with a large bubble shield.

This fight has a very specific progression. First you take on the melee-focused Shield Brother, who slips away after you bring his health down low. Then the artillery brother comes out, and the same process plays out; he escapes once he's close to death.

The final phase of the fight brings both Shield Brothers back into the arena — fully healed, naturally — along with an army of reinforcements. There's no one way to defeat them, though it helps a lot if you focus your efforts on taking out one, then the other.

Echo Chamber

Don't be fooled when you see a giant Harpy boss; you can't just shoot this thing in the face until it explodes. This Harpy's face is shielded by default, and revealing its vulnerable bits and pieces requires a little fancy footwork on your part.

Fend off the Harpy's reinforcements until a mission objective pops up, a small altar containing a relic that you can grab. Once someone grabs the relic, another mission objective pops up. Once the relic-holder delivers the relic to that location, the Harpy's shield drops for a few seconds, giving you a chance to lay on some damage.

That's not the only quirk in this fight, however. The circular arena is partially shielded, meaning you only have access to a small portion of the outer ring. What's more, the section of ring you have to work with moves and shrinks as the fight wears on. The secret in this fight is to stay mobile and back up your fireteam with revives and drawn fire, especially while the relic-holder — who can only thrown grenades and use melee attacks — is in motion.

Sunless Cell

This fight is awesome for the music alone. The hint is right there in the Strike's title: Sunless Cell. Your final encounter with the Darkblade-wielding Hive beast plays out in a darkened room, not far off from the Abyss section of the Crota's End raid.

The difference here is you've got a lot less space to work with and there's a giant, blade-swinging Hive Knight hunting you. The Hive boss appears and disappears at random, so you'll have to watch the darkness for his nametag. He moves slowly, but he'll occasionally rush in to deliver an area-of-effect sword strike that knocks back any nearby Guardians.

Like all of the new Strike bosses, the method here is to coordinate with your Fireteam and keep on the move. Hunter Nightstalkers should rely on their enhanced radar and tethering Super to provide intel and lock the boss down once he's visible.

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